30% off New Releases

VIP group members get an early bird discount, with 30% back on all New Releases, with their VIP tag.

VIP Chat Surprise Giveaways

Keep an eye on group chat for fun giveaways, prizes & dollarbies.

Beautiful VIP only Group Gifts

A selection of pretty VIP gifts, which can be seen displayed on the VIP gifts board at the store landing.

Yearly VIP Party

Each year the sim is closed down for an exclusive VIP party!! 12hrs of music, prizes, guest designers, exclusive party gifts, and tons more!!

Monthly Choice Premium Gifts

Limited edition versions of products, past hunt items, super limited personalised gift items.

Yearly VIP only Store Sale

Every year moss&mink VIPs have access to an exclusive 50% off store sale.

10% Standard Store Discount

Wear your VIP tag to get 10% off all regular/standard items. (gachas excluded)

This Months Premium Gift Choices

Limited Item

100 Copies Only

Limited Item

100 Copies Only

Check back again on the 1st ~ For a Fresh Selection of Gifts