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About moss&mink

In October 2016, Cielo Capalini founded moss&mink.

Having been in SL for quite some time, she saw there was a lack of pretty feminine furniture and decor available that was created for adult avis. Many grown avis who were seeking something girly for their home were needing to purchase kid avi items and modify them to suit.

Initially visualizing feminine as a pretty tone of peachy pink, a selection of ‘girly’ products was created, complete with hearts, gemstones and fairylights, and as one customer stated: 
“If you love pink and gold, this is your heaven”.

As time went on, many customers who loved the moss&mink style, but had colors they loved other than pink, began requesting products be released in additional colors, the most popular being lilac and powder blue.

So in April 2017, moss&mink launched it’s first color HUD products, with a palette of 5 pastel options, and 5 patterns.

Around the same time, moss&mink was blessed to be welcomed into a number of notable gacha events such as Gacha Garden, The Arcade, Lootbox & Epiphany.

Cielo found creating gachas to be a fun and unique experience, where a completely envisioned theme or scene could be brought to life as a whole collection, and went on to create many inspired sets in the gacha niche.

With the wider audience of these events, the diversity of moss&mink customers also grew and along with it a shift in what moss&mink would expand to offer.

With Cielo placing great importance on customer feedback, and openly accepting it via many customer surveys, in December 2017 the color HUD offerings once again expanded to include not only pastels, but dark and jewel tones as well.

In February 2018, Cielo opened up access to a group she had previously created just for land management, as a store VIP group. At the start offering a handful of gifts and a 10% discount to members.

As the VIP group has grown, the benefits have also grown, to include 30% off New releases, a special yearly VIP only sale & many surprise giveaways in chat.

In October 2018 moss&mink outgrew it’s current home and moved to it’s very own sim “Moss n Mink”. To celebrate Cielo threw a giant launch party, opening the sim to her VIP group only (which had since grown to over 1200 members) for an exclusive 12 hour party, complete with exclusive gifts, a collection of guest designers, 6 amazing DJs, over 150 prize giveaways,  and 50% off storewide.

The biggest party of it’s kind in recent years, the sim was jam packed, with the avatar limit needing to be raised to maximum to accommodate demand. The moss&mink VIPs really know how to party, with 85-100 people on the sim throughout the entire 12 hour event.

With continued customer surveys and the help of the ever growing VIP group, an innovative new HUD system was created, the Uni-HUD. The first of it’s kind on the grid, it allows fast changing of colors and patterns on all compatible moss&mink furniture with just a single Universal HUD.

Along with this the color selection grew to include an amazing 20 colors and 20 patterns, ranging from pastels, through vivid and muted tones, to deep rich hues.

Through the eyes of her customers, Cielo learnt that expressing feminine wasn’t limited to just pastels and delicate trimmings, it was so much more.

Being feminine can be subtle, and gentle, and always strong and brave.

It doesn't always come in ruffly dresses, pretty bows and heels, although sometimes those things are extra nice.

Always aiming to improve and with a newfound understanding of what her customers desire, Cielo began exploring new techniques and software, leading to many changes and improvements in the quality of what was produced.

A perpetual learner, Cielo has her sights set on improving further and is excited to be able to continue offering better and better products to her customers.

A big thankyou to all the moss&mink customers, without whom this journey wouldn’t be possible. You are the inspiration and driving force behind what moss&mink is today, and it’s vision for the future.

Gracias a mi amigo Percy, quien me escribió

estas instrucciones de Uni-HUD en español.

Coloca el cursor sobre el producto y haz click con el botón izquierdo del mouse y mantenlo apretado. Mientras lo mantienes apretado arrastra el cursor fuera de el producto y una ves fuera puedes dejar de apretar. Apenas lo hagas verás el texto flotante y puedes seleccionar tu opción del hud.