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blogging for moss&mink

What do i look for in a blogger?

  • Creative, lifestyle setups - scenes that make contextual sense, thoughtful coordination and composition of items, awareness of trends.
  • Quality blog photos - Consideration of resolution quality, advanced graphics settings use, lighting and shadows, composition.
  • Stable blogging history of at least 9mths - I am looking for bloggers that will be around long term and have a proven history of that to show.
  • An engaged following that is looking for home & decor products - I primarily look for decor bloggers, because their followers are interested in home & decor items... and well... I'm a decor store.
  • Minimal post photo editing - use of creative in world lighting and minimal effect filters use is great. Excessive use of filters, while pretty, can sometimes lead to poor representation of the items used.

Team Requirements

  • 1 post per month - I don't mind if you blog new or old items
  • Items must be clearly showing in your posts. Please remember that your goal as a blogger is to help promote items. When they are mostly hidden or used as background clutter, this is not achieved.
  • Once claimed from blogotex, items must be blogged within 15 days.
  • Accurate credits including correct slurls
  • Adding photo to the store Flickr group & applicable event group/s

Benefits I provide for my team.

  • Use of my private homestead for photo setups, for any blog post you may need, not just ones featuring moss&mink, with rez and terraforming perms granted.
  • Monthly linden thank you bonus for fulfilling team requirements.
  • Select team artwork displayed in the moss&mink mainstore, with a link back to the team members flickr.
  • Open friendly team, with feedback always welcomed.
  • Access to new and past moss&mink releases via blogotex.

How do I apply to blog for moss&mink?

  • The moss&mink blogger team is now INVITE ONLY.
  • Previously moss&mink held team applications every 6 months to find new bloggers. However each time many applications were submitted which did not fit the search. (eg. In a decor specific blogger search, out of 360 applications only 42 were actually decor bloggers) This resulted in many, many hours processing through ineligible apps to find those that did meet the search requirements.
  • Please do not ask to join the team. Please do not drop NCs with your blog details. Please do not message Justine to ask. These things will not get you accepted into the team.
  • How will I find your blog without an application? I look in the moss&mink flickr group frequently at photos people have posted. I also browse through various SL Interior Decor groups for amazing photos. If your photos are high quality, have a unique style and your scenes are well thought out, with good composition, then I will notice you.