How does it work?

  • Each month you can choose from a selection items which one you would most like to take home.
  • Items will change each month on the 1st to keep things fresh.
  • Limited Edition items will be retired forever once all copies are claimed.
  • Other items will rotate back in future months.
  • If none of the items takes your fancy, you can opt for a 50L Gift Card to add to your credit balance, to use for a future purchase.

Why did you add this benefit?

  • Many moss&mink customers asked after past hunt items that they either couldn't find at the event, or that they missed due to being away from SL at the time.
  • Some customers simply couldn't do the hunts, because the strain on their system was too great with the lag from such a busy location.

Does this replace regular VIP gifts?

  • Not at all. The regular gift board isn't going anywhere, and future regular gifts will be added. This is simply a way to give VIPs access to past hunt items and limited edition theme packs, in a way that is fair to everyone.

What's with the Limited Edition items?

  • Sometimes I get requests for certain themes of prints, and I wanted to offer something special as an option also to those that did do the hunts, and already have all the past hunt items.
  • I also wanted them to be special. From my days back playing MMOs and getting those special 0.0012% chance (I'm not even joking) drops, I know how special that feeling is of having something to proudly display, because it is rare & unique.

Will this Limited Edition item come back?

  • The special theme for the Limited items will come back, on different items, but not the exact same items.
  • The Limited items are not created to be a set, but to mix in with your existing decor. Other themes in future will also utilise matching colors with different patterns, so items across different months can be used together.

Why can't I have all the items?

  • In a nutshell: To be fair to those that went to the hunts and spent time finding items. It just wouldn't be fair to hand them all out in a big go afterwards.
  • Don't worry though, the past hunt items will switch up each month, and will rotate back around.

This months Premium Gift choices

Limited Item

100 Copies Only

Limited Item

100 Copies Only

Check back again on the 1st ~ For a fresh selection of gifts